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Biology of Plants
Biology of Plants: growth, parts, pollination, etc.
(diagrams & photos)

The Great Plant Escape (an online journey of plant discovery)

Flower Part
Flower Parts & Worksheet

HMH School Publishers
Root Factory Game
» Overview of Different Type Plants
(Build background knowledge)

Kidport Science Reference Site
Kidport Science Reference Library


Teacher Tube
Water Cycle Song

Drippy by Joel M. Kimball
Stories featuring Drippy The Raindrop
To The Mountains & Back
» Land of Snow & Ice

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Thirstin
The Water Cycle Movie (by the Evironmental Protection Agency)
Games & Activities starring Thirstin

U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Geolocial Survey: The Water Cycle
» Water Science for Schools

The Sweetwater Authority
Steps of The Water Cycle

Enchanted Learning
Water Cycle Print-Out
» The Water Cycle

Athena Action in Education
Label The Water Cycle (interactive click and drag)

Earth Floor
The Water Cycle Explanation

Water Wheel
Make a Water Cycle wheel
(print-out parts I, II, & instructions; cut & create)

National Oceanic and Atomspheric Administration
Water Cycle Movie

Movie with photos. Parts of it are more detailed and complex.
However, the movie can be summarized for 2nd graders.

WaterCycle by Melisaa Warren of Bristol Virginia Public Schools
Water Cycle WebQuest Gr. 2 & 3
by Melissa Warren Bristol, VA Public Schools


  Intellicast The Best Weather Site on the Web
Intellicast Weather Website
(interactive map)


Kids Online Reference
» Encylopedia of Weather


Cloud Appreciation Society
Slideshow of Clouds
(The Cloud Appreciation Society gallery)


USA Today
USA Today Weather Map
USA Today Weather Map
(View nationwide temperatures, radar images, precipitation,
fronts, & satellite imagery)



Compare Weather in EASTCHESTER, NY to...



 Kid Explorers ChristianAnswers
Take a journey through the rain forest


Smithsonian Dinosaurs
Smithsonian's Time of the Dinosaurs


Build a Dinosaur
Build a Dinosaur | Teacher Guide


Scholastic Dinosaur Quiz
True or False? Dinosaur Facts


Scholastic Match Animal Habitats
Match Animals to Habitats


Scholastic Build Your Own Catepillar
Build Your Own Catepillar
Teacher Guide



Moon Fun and Facts


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