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Computer Lab Activities | Solids & Liquids


BBC Bitesize
Gases, liquids, & solids
» Solids & Liquids facts
» Is it hotter or colder? (Game in celcius)

HMH School Publishers
Watch particles become solid, liquid, or gas
Melting & Boiling Temperatures

States of Matter Video


Change It

» Grade 1 Science Standards Distinguish between solids & liquids

» Are these items solids, liquids or gasses?


Animal Research

» Sandiego Zoo for Kids

» Amphibians, Reptiles & Fish Facts

» Bird Facts

» Mammal Facts

Perth Zoo Australia
Animal Groups: Fur, Feathers, Skin or Scales

American Museum of Natural History
Choose Unit A: Living Things Chapter 2 The Animal Kingdom

Kids (click on animals and follow the steps!)

Animal Diversity Web Homepage

Internet For Classrooms
» Amazing Animal Senses

» Learn finch facts. Sort finch species.

The Six Kingdoms

National Wildlife Federation

» Amphibians, Reptiles and Fish Facts

» Bird Facts

» Mammal Facts

 PBS Kids
Nocturnal Animals Hat Hunt

» Nocturnal Animal Pictures

» Classifying Critters

Kidport Science Grade 1
Science Index
» Life in the Sea
» Animal Homes
» Food Chain

Animal Diversity Web
Animal Diversity Web Homepage
» Amphibian Pictures
» Bird Pictures
» Mammal Pictures


Parts of the Flower

Kidport Science Grade 1
How Plants Grow and Reproduce

Learn about Plants
» Vascular Plants
» Root Factory Game

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