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  Use 10-Frames to Help Learn Addition Facts

Okta's Rescue


Dominoes Addition Notebook Activity



Subtraction Notebook Activity

» Gobs of Slime Subtraction



 » Addition Fact Number Clusters (Kidspiraton)




» Subraction Mystery Pictures 1

» Subtraction Mystery Pictures 2

» First Grade BASIC 2-digit Addition without Regrouping

» 2-Digit Addition without Regrouping (TRAIN)

» 2-Digit Subtraction without Regrouping (TRAIN) 




» Basic Addition with Dice Notebook Activity





» Gamequarium Counting
» Gamequarium Beginning Math






» Primary Games
» Find Da' Number Game (Adding)
» Add 'Em Up (Addition)
» Take It Away (Subtratction)
» Math Man
Only eat the ghosts that solve the equation!
(use arrow keys)




» Addition Facts to 18
» Basic Subtraction Facts
» Using Addition to Check Subtraction
» Greater Than & Less Than






» Matchcar Racing (choose operation)
» Math Baseball (choose level & operation)



» Addition Flash Cards
» Addition -Click on the right sum
» Addition Concentration
» Subrtaction Flash Cards
» Hidden Picture Subtraction
» Hidden Picture Addition
» Rounding Numbers

» Play Math Games against other
students or by yourself

 Cool Math 4 Kids

» Addition
» Subtraction

 COUNTING BY 2's, 10's AND More

SKIP COUNT BY 2's, 5's and 10's

 ITC Games
» Counting by Tens & Ones

Skip Counting by Even Numbers - Mathi is fun!

» Tens & Ones Partition
» Dinosaur Place Value



 Learning Box Mannys Rumba
  » Base Ten Blocks

 Learning Box BT Bear Catch 10
  » BT Bear's Catch 10!
» Counting by Tens & Ones to 99





 Kidspiration activity
» Plane & Solid Shapes Web



 » (EASY) Find plane shapes


» Make pictures with Geometric Shapes 

 I Know
» Geometric Workbench



» (ADVANCED) Geo Cleo



» Shape Cave - Do what the parrot says!



 » Symmetrical Shape Lesson (ADVANCED)





 What do you remember from Kindergarten?
» MS Word Coin Excercise

» Change
» Learning Coins



 Beacon Learning Center
» Coins for Candy
» Challenge: Add up the right change
Beacon Website



 » Correct Change Computer Lab Activity



 Primary Games
» $pending $pree
Give back the right change!



» $ Change Maker $



» $ Counting Money $



h.i.p. Pocket Change

» U.S. Mint for Kids



 Ed's Bank
» $ave money so Ed can go to the store





 » COMPUTER ACTIVITY: Can You Tell Time?



» Can You Tell Time?



 Primary Games
» Telling Time Game



 Beacon Learning Center
» Tell Time AM & PM
» Tell Time





» Non-Standard MEASUREMENT Computer Lab Activity



 NCTM Illuminations
» Help Turtle Get to The Pond
(estimate & visualize left & right turns)


 Primary Games

» Pattern Mainia
» Pizza Party (Fractions)



 Beacon Learning Center
» Picture Graphs (audio lesson)
» Bar Graphs
» Learning Fractions
» Describing 3-D Shapes



» MathCats Tesselation Town



 Houghton Mifflin Math
» Houghton Mifflin Math (Choose grade level)



 Sadlier Oxford Progress in Mathematics
» Online eSkill Games Grade 1



 National Library of Virtual Manipulatives National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
» Virtual Manipulatives (Grades Pre-K-2)



 School Time Games
» School Time Games Mathematics



» Roz's Math-A-Rama
» Roz's eManipulatives - 1st Grade




 Khan Academy
» Khan Academy

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